With Quantum Healer & Sacred Freedom Coach

Andrea Luzon

Welcome to Day 5 of 10 Ways to Move Beyond Your Old Story; Uplevel to Your Greatness! Are you ready to peel back your limitations to launch forward in your healing journey? Are you ready to stand more erect in your authentic voice and power? Your unlimited potential is ready and waiting inside you.

Shift 5 < Hold that Child *I embrace my inner child.*


When did you start to showcase defense mechanisms or behaviors that you’re not proud of? When did you make up the story that you weren’t precious? When did you start to believe that you needed more stuff, more work, more money or more attention to be enough?

Find the pain point, find the story, find the time in your life when that situation began. Go back. You don’t have to relive the story or the situation, but go back to who you were at the time. Visualize that version of you standing or sitting in front of you. Look yourself in the eyes, talk to that younger person, hold that younger person. Convey all that you wish someone had said to you at that time in your life.

Be the friend, parent or guardian that the younger you needed and wished for at that time. This exercise may be the biggest release you can give yourself in your life. Deep down, you know what you needed to hear and experience from an elder at that time. You can give your inner child that gift. Give the gift of being heard, of being prized and appreciated, of being told that you didn’t do anything wrong. Cradle your younger self. Speak kindly.

I have moved forward in my life by leaps and bounds through this exercise. I like to go to a dark room, light a candle, and look at a picture of myself at the age I experienced trauma. I give this experience a minimum of 3-5 minutes each day. When my candle experience does not happen, I hold my inner child as I fall asleep at night, or right when I wake in the morning, and reassure her of all the love and value she holds within her. I give my younger self the gift of feeling precious.

As you ‘Hold that Child’ in your life, you leap forward in healing emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. You continue to shift your life and become the version of yourself you have imagined. You light the way for yourself and for the world. The key to today’s step is, “I embrace my inner child.” Use this exercise to release a pattern that you trace to its origin in your life. You are precious. Let this gift reconnect you to the truth of your perfection. Let your perfection vibrate throughout your being. I’d love to hear how this experience shifts your life. Tomorrow, we will practice prizing.