Meet Andrea Luzon

I am an intuitive energy healer, but I wasn’t always privy to that awareness. I had to break down to break through.


My breakdown seemed out of the blue, but I had secretly known for years that it was on my horizon.

I cried, on the floor, for days. I scared my husband, my kids, and myself. My job was not inspiring and I felt maxed out of time and energy.


I felt shame, yet I courageously sought to discover how I got to this place. The answer was clear. I used to be playful, passionate, present, and flowing in freedom, but I had stopped listening.


I had turned off the faucet to my intuition and my dreams.

In my youth, when I tapped into my freedom, my internal barometer told me everything I needed to know.


I followed my intuition as I earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree, backpacked around the world alone, educated children abroad, coordinated education for the military, and fundraised hundreds of thousands of dollars for nonprofit organizations.


Money always flowed to me and love was always abundant. During this time, I journaled, I followed my bliss, I experimented without fear of failure, I paid attention to the signs that connected me to my heart and I followed those signs no matter where they lead. Then I lost touch with that light. 


I thought it was time to settle down. I bought a house and met a man I love. The house cost more than I planned to spend, my lucrative job ended, and my husband had opinions about my unconventional path and distinctive wisdom.


These events circled me back to a story from my childhood trauma; my unworthiness story.

I grew small. I shrank into fear of failure and fear of judgment.


By investing in quantum healing and coaching, my life changed. 

My clients connect with my work because I know what “out of alignment with my passion, power and purpose” feels like.


For many years, I lived a story of unworthiness and ignored my wisdom. I sacrificed my dreams to belong to corporate culture, a certain group of friends, a new family, and a new community.


I knew my life was not a reflection of who I was inside. I knew it was time to shift directions but felt terrified to run free from my box of security and pain. Finally, the unbearable pain showed me that I was ready for change.


I took my first step in ten years toward living an authentic life.

In 2019, I completed the Spiritual Psychology Soul-Centered Living program at the University of Santa Monica. I had done years of spiritual work previously, but it was time to bring my learning back into my life, my awareness, and my being. That same year, I became a Reconnective Healing practitioner and reawakened my infinite knowing and my connection to source energy.

I discovered my gift of energy healing while on a red eye flight home from studying in California. I was reading Dr. Eric Pearl’s book, ‘The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself’ and the author said, “Now, you try it.” He described the hand positions and movement, and Boom! I felt hot tingling electrical pulses vibrating through my fingers and palms. The energy was amazingly intense. I feared the strength of the sensations coursing through my hands, but I trusted that I could learn to utilize this energy to help others.

I pursued Dr. Pearl to understand my experience and trained with him to hone my expertise. The work works! I am the catalyst that returns my clients to their vitality, passion and freedom and it lights up my world. My life is different now. Working over my massage table, with my clients remotely, is what wakes me up in the morning and gets me excited about living.


I am here now; returned to myself. I launched my gifts forward in the world. I hold the door open for others to walk through. I am here to light their way, as so many have done for me in the past. I am in the flow of God’s purpose for my life, feeling the frequencies of time, light, and information. I am here now. Fully present. My work is to hold my fellow souls, witness their perfection, and deepen their connection with source energy. That energy is always available. Partnered with me, you receive support, guidance and accountability to reclaim your connection. My greatest joy is holding others and returning them to their greater knowing through my work. I would love to share it with you.


Thank you for reading my story.

In love, andrea luzon