Legacy Liberation Coaching

It starts with you, Mom.

Your child feels your feelings.

Your child mirrors your patterns.

Your child believes your thoughts.

Your child absorbs your beliefs.


I’ve been there. I am a mom of a neurodivergent child. I struggled with raising my voice. I fought with overwhelm, busyness, people-pleasing, self-doubt, worry, self-worth, and anxiety.


I adore my child, but normal parenting skills were not enough. I couldn’t get through to him. I needed help with emotional regulation and understanding his needs.


That is why I help moms of neurodivergent kids create a Love Legacy with their spirited child.



Mama, you deserve to have a deeply connected relationship with your unique child.


You deserve joy.


You deserve to be your own unique soul-expression of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health and wellness.


You deserve full expression as an empowered woman embracing every dynamic role in her life including motherhood.



Your joy builds connection and love in your personal, family, and professional life. Are you ready to embrace that power?


It’s time to deepen your Love.

Love your life. Love your children. Love your work. And most importantly, Love Yourself.


Be empowered to enrich and harmonize your personal, family, and professional life to make your unique soul-led impact: your Love Legacy.

Coaching Results To Expect:

Reclaim pre-motherhood aspects of you: Access realms of yourself you’ve forgotten.

Excavate your essence and your joy; clarify your identity and what matters to you.

Address and remove blocks preventing your life vision from coming to fruition.

Learn skills to support you in successfully being a mom of a neurodivergent kid.

Align the actions and commitments in your life with your clarified vision and the skills you learned.

It’s Time…

Now is when you Liberate Your Love Legacy with your neurodivergent child.


Andrea Luzon mentors mothers ready to live their legacy now.


She is a Kansas City life coach for women ready to rediscover and embrace their Love Legacy on their motherhood journey.


Choose expert 1-on-1 empowerment coaching to help you align your actions with the Love Legacy inside you. Shift from impossible to possible with your special child.


Learn how to embrace life with your child who struggles with “disorder symptoms” like outbursts, panic attacks, obstinance, overwhelm, inattention, hyperactivity, isolation, fidgeting, impulsivity, emotional dysregulation, impatience, interrupting, and/or misunderstanding social cues.


Retrain your mind, body, and spirit to Love Your Life through spiritual psychology, transformational leadership, conscious parenting, and energy healing.


Experience a 12-week process called the Legacy Liberation Framework combining these expert modalities.

The world needs

YOU fully expressed 

in your Love Legacy.

andrea luzon, ceo


Legacy Liberation Framework Choose myself Love myself Trust myself

Legacy Liberation Framework:

Liberating your Love Legacy is about loving, trusting, and choosing yourself first so that you can pour into your life with passion, purpose and power.


Ignite the legacy waiting inside you by experiencing 3 Pillars of awakening.


Pillar of Self Love: Awaken Your Innate Wholeness, Release Burdens, and Learn to Self Soothe.


Pillar of Self Trust: Connect with Your Innate Worthiness, Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence, and Unlock Your Intuition.


Pillar of Self Choice: Embrace Your Innate Internal Wisdom, Practice Your Freedom to Express, and Expand Your Impact.



Love Leg·a·cy /ləvˈleɡəsē/

noun: the imprint you make on hearts and minds through your presence, words and deeds

andrea luzon, ceo



CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT passion permission action grace

Love Legacy Flow State









Find Your Flow


Passion and Permission are a dance. They interact and fuel you to live your Sacred Purpose. It is never too late to discover your passion. It is the very thing you were created to express and explore. You have a calling, and when you pursue it, truly amazing things happen. This work will clarify your passion.



Permission is a 2-step process of witnessing and honoring your desires and blocks.

1) Release and 2) Embrace help you truly feel your vision. Through this special guided work, you will open yourself up to living your Divine Expression and loving your life from the inside out.



You are a unique being with a distinct calling and life path. Action helps you clarify your intuition and fully express your calling. The Creativity Formula will help you align your flow state with your actions so that you become a master of Confidence-in-Action.




Grace is “allowing what is” without judgment. Grace is focusing on the Innate Divinity you express and embody. This work helps you practice grace and place it back in the driver’s seat of your life. Learn to give yourself grace as you experience life’s ebb and flow.



How We Do The Work:



Live Weekly Deep Dive Sessions with Andrea, 1 Hour Each, Video Calls or In-Person



Optional Once-Monthly Mind/Body Connection Sessions (Remote or In-Person) with Andrea



Recorded Workshops & Guided Meditations Library For Daily Alignment



Coaching Support with Andrea through Voxer App in between Coaching Calls



Assessments, Additional Journal Prompts, and Deep Dive Introspective Exercises To Manage Progress



Transformation is 

Sacred Ground.






Discovery Integration Excavation

Awaken your vision and goals through clarity, play and diving into yourself with a mentor.

Witness and release your blocks. Free your dreams from bondage.

Act, reflect, accept and celebrate to expand and solidify your growth.

Your Investment

Our mission is to create personal transformation on a global scale

and make it financially accessible to those who hear the call.


We are offering new members a first-time-ever investment of 1/3 the industry standard. Payment plans are available.


An investment in yourself today is an investment in the future of humanity: yourself, your relationships, your impact on the world.


Join the Legacy Liberation movement transforming the world by reclaiming self-love, self-trust, and self-choice.

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