With Quantum Healer & Sacred Freedom Coach

Andrea Luzon

Welcome to Day 2 of 10 Ways to Move Beyond Your Old Story; Uplevel to Your Greatness! Thank you for standing in your truth and knowing that you are ready to shed limitations and shift into living your most authentic life.

Shift 2 < See Radiance *I see radiance.*


Each of us is asking for love the best way we know how. Most humans have a struggle or a wound they are moving through. Each of us is on our own path to reconnect with our essence. We are continuously evolving and awakening to the perfection we already are. The universe asks us to look in the mirror and see the loving essence we truly are.

Can you see the radiant loving essence in the people you encounter in your life? Can you look at the anxiety flooding your best friend and know that she is doing her best with the life tools she has acquired thus far? Can you see a child stumbling and crying and trust he is in perfect alignment with his path? Can you hear the unsolicited advice of your mother-in-law and know that she is showing you love in the way she knows best? I know that you can. I know that you can stand in the shoes of the person who challenges you the most.

When I put myself in my son’s shoes and experience his struggle from his perspective, my heart opens. I see the innate love in him. I see his spark, his curiosity, his beauty. I can suddenly give more to the situation. My heart can hear how he experiences big emotions and he slips into overwhelm faster than most. When I see the loving essence in my son, I am able to find my heart, my patience and my inner guidance. He is asking for love in the way he knows best.

How do we see the loving essence in ourselves and others? The action I would like you to consider today is called, “See a Halo”. First, recall or imagine a joyful moment. Tap into what you felt in that moment and where you felt it in your body. Let yourself experience a color in that place within your body. Let that be your color of joy and pure love. Take a moment to let that colored light fill you up and emanate out from your being.

Now, visualize the person who most challenges you sitting in front of you. Surround that person with your colorful light of joy and love. Tap into how that color felt inside your body as you surround the other person with that colored light. Now, deeply inhale, hold your breath for a moment at the top of your inhalation, then exhale out all the stale air from your lungs. Continue this deep breathing while visualizing light around your companion: this is “Seeing a Halo”.

Just before entering a room, I love to envision loving light filling me up and enfolding me and everyone I will encounter. I do this especially before interacting with someone who I experience as challenging. We are all luminous beings. Sometimes, we only need to hold one another in the light to bring forward our brilliance.

This action will lift you up as you ‘See Radiance’. When you feel down, or you are about to walk into an uncomfortable situation, step into your radiance and surround the environment with your powerful joyful light. Please let me know how this technique unfolds for you. I trust that it will serve you as you uplevel into your greatness. Tomorrow, we will practice compassionate self forgiveness.