With Quantum Healer & Sacred Freedom Coach

Andrea Luzon

Welcome to Day 3 of 10 Ways to Move Beyond Your Old Story; Uplevel to Your Greatness! Let’s journey beyond the skin that feels restrictive and dive deeper into our expansiveness.

Shift 3 < Release Judgment *I forgive myself.*


There is usually no worse critic than the one who lives in our minds. We take those neutral life events and make them mean something about us. We forgot to pick up an item at the grocery store, or we said something awkward to a neighbor. Then, we spend minutes/hours/days/years belittling ourselves for the misstep.

Do you make harsh judgments about yourself? I know I come down hard on myself when I don’t meet my expectations. How can we step out of the repetitive critical voice? Let’s take compassionate self forgiveness for a spin. Try this, “I forgive myself for judging myself as unkind” or, “I forgive myself for judging myself as stupid.”

Perfectionism and harsh judgment have been deeply intertwined in my world, yet I know that part of the human experience is to stumble, to fall on our face repeatedly. Oh boy, I sure do fall down. I fall far short of my expectations of myself. My old habit was to then spend a large chunk of my time replaying those awkward moments like a glitching facebook live video that seems to never unfreeze. I have come to realize that it’s not the awkward moment that beckons forgiveness. It is the harsh way that I judged myself that calls to my heart.

It is releasing judgment that removes my chains. I love to end my day with, “I forgive myself for judging myself as foolish, unkind or imperfect today. I hold myself high in the light of love. I begin each moment anew.” Practicing self forgiveness helps me move beyond my old story and my old wounds.

The key to today’s step is, “I release judgement. I forgive myself.” Please let me know how this technique unfolds for you. I trust that it will serve you as you move beyond your old story and uplevel to your greatness. Tomorrow, we will practice reframing the challenge.