With Quantum Healer & Sacred Freedom Coach

Andrea Luzon

Welcome to Day 1 of 10 Ways to Move Beyond Your Old Story; Uplevel to Your Greatness! Thank you for standing up for yourself. Thank you for shifting your life! Thank you for standing in your truth and knowing that you are ready to shed limitations and shift into living your most authentic life.

Shift 1 < Choose This Moment *I choose this moment.*


What feelings do the following two statements bring up as you read them? There is no reaction; there is only action. You are in control of your actions every moment of your life. Do you ever feel out of control? Do you have moments where you are not proud of your actions? In every situation, that situation is neutral, yet humans have feelings about the situations in which we find ourselves.

Humans often take action in the moment from an emotional place. We go into a dialogue in our minds that is different from what is actually occurring. Sometimes, we react impulsively from pain we are harboring in our bodies. That reactionary impulse often takes a split second. We bring up our old story of woundedness and paste it onto the situation we are experiencing. This may sound like a downward spiral, but it is an amazing opportunity!

Attention! Your attention is the key to transformation. The moment you feel a contraction of your energy, when you feel emotions rising, you get to make a choice. You get to tell yourself that this situation isn’t the same as the one from your past. You get to come out of the shell of your old story and decide who you want to be now. If you choose to, you have the will and the power to be open, courageous and expressive. You get to take a stand for your life.

In the past, I internalized everything everyone said. I made their words about me. I assumed that others were casting judgments about me and that those judgments were true. I even thought that I had to contort myself and my opinions to fit in with those around me. I was exhausted and afraid to be myself. I began to play smaller and smaller in my life. Deep inside, however, I knew that averting risk was impossible if I wanted to live a fulfilling life. The authentic life I yearned for wasn’t going to unfold if I continued hiding and playing small.

My limiting beliefs stem from sexual trauma I experienced when I was three years old. The sexual manipulation happened in a daycare center at the hands of one of my caretakers. I don’t recall anyone talking to me about the abuse, I only remember my parents being very upset and removing me permanently from that establishment. Everyone around me was experiencing pain, but no one was able or willing to talk about it.

A story took shape in my mind. I believed something bad happened and it was my fault. I felt bad, ashamed and dirty. As I took this story forward in my life, little Andrea created defense mechanisms to protect herself, to ensure she wouldn’t feel that dirtiness, judgment, shame or pain again. The mechanisms that unfolded were avoiding risk and control.

Control gives false reassurance that I am safe physically, mentally and emotionally. The pattern of control has shown up throughout my life and is my greatest challenge. For example, homeschooling my kids during the COVID-19 quarantine period has meant that many moments are not going the way I planned or expected. One of my children often refuses to move forward on his assignments. He goes into overwhelm quite easily. In those moments I have a choice.

I always have a choice. I can choose to feel like the situation is out of control and I’m not safe. I can go into that old habit of buckling down into my controlling habit and choosing methods that don’t come from my heart. Or, I can choose who I want to be in this life. When I see my son’s struggle as a neutral event, I can make a new choice. I can step back into the loving person that I am.

You have power. Tap into how powerful you are; recognize it in yourself.YouI have the power to change that neutral event into a moment where you embody love, patience and kindness. You have the power to change how you act in every moment. Do you go to your old story and behaviors? Do you react from that wounded place inside? Can you breathe into the moment? Look at the situation that you are in and choose. Make a new choice. You have a choice in every moment of who you want to be.

How do we choose this moment when we are triggered or confused? The action I would like you to consider today is called, “Thumb Tapping”. Press your thumb into the pad of your middle finger. Release them and reconnect them. Do this rhythmically with the fingers on both your right and left hand. Repeat this opening and closing at any speed you desire. Now, deeply inhale, hold your breath for a moment at the top of your inhalation, then exhale out all the stale air from your lungs. Let your belly rise and fall as you remind yourself of the values you wish to embody. Continue this deep breathing while tapping your thumbs and middle fingers together: this is “Thumb Tapping”. Experience this exercise for one or two minutes, or until you feel centered and intentional.

This shift in your way of being will honor you as you ‘Choose This Moment’. When you feel a trigger coming on, or you wish to ground into your highest self before responding to a situation, use this technique to step back into your true essence. The key to today’s step is, “I choose this moment.” The exercise “thumb tapping” helps us realign with our integrity in challenging moments. Please let me know how this technique lands for you. I trust that it will serve you as you uplevel your life. Thank you for joining me for the first of ‘10 Ways to Move Beyond Your Old Story; Uplevel to Your Greatness’ with Andrea Luzon. Tomorrow, we will practice seeing radiance.