Pelvic Thrust to Make Space

By Andrea Luzon

By Andrea Luzon

The group meditation on FB LIVE this week was so juicy. We moved our bodies, we called in gratitude and we claimed our right to MORE.


The gathering gave me time to reflect on my commitments.


I saw that I was stuck. My fears were holding me back.


I saw myself waiting on the sidelines until everything lined up perfectly. My ego said, “I’ll be ready after I…”.


Do you ever say that to yourself?


“I’ll take that courageous step after I …”


* I’ll be ready after I complete one more course of study.


* I’ll step forward after I confirm one more piece of my program.


* I’m waiting for a sign.


* I’ll commit to “my stuff” after the kids go back to school.


The real question is, “Are any of those statements excuses?


Am I hiding? You know what, I was hiding.


Mostly, I was hiding from experiencing fear. It all boils down to fear. I was hiding from the unknown. I was hiding from potential failure.


Who can I serve when I hide? I can serve no one.


How can I stand for humanity awakening when I hide?


You get the sentiment here.


Now I can shift. Are you ready to shift that energy today?


If yes, then say it with me!


I am willing to do it afraid. I am willing to do it afraid. I am willing to do it afraid!


I am ready for more. I am ready for more. I am ready for more!


I am worthy of the outcome I desire. I am worthy of the outcome I desire. I am worthy of the outcome I desire!


Join me for this 20 minute ritual HERE to call in more YOU in your life! You will experience movement, meditation, visualization and journaling. We will experience the mantras above as part of our exploration.


Let me know which part of the session lit you up the most.


I love hearing from you!


In Love.
All ways.


Awake. Free. Expansive.

P.S. Thank you for reading this share today. I would love to support you with a remote 35-minute Awakening Freedom Exploration Session with me as your guide. Learn more and book HERE! Please reach out to me if you don’t find a time that fits your schedule.

Meet Andrea Luzon

Andrea Luzon is a Biofield Therapist and Legacy Liberator. She serves women as they reestablish authority over their life. Through Sacred Freedom Coaching, she guides women to reinstate their love legacy: the innate wisdom they embody and imprint on hearts and minds through their presence, words, and deeds.


She is the Founder of the Awakening Freedom Program and Andrea Luzon International LLC.