Denying Myself

By Andrea Luzon

By Andrea Luzon

“Ewwww!”, shouted friends who stared at my raised arms on the playground.


“Andrea has hairy armpits!”


I was 11 years old.


I learned how to use a razor shortly afterwards.


At age 10, I saved up my chores money for months to buy an overpriced pair of brand name jeans so that I could fit in with my “friends”.


Go back to the first time you denied your authenticity to be liked by someone. You gave up a piece of yourself that day. You chose belonging over your inner compass. Just like me. Was it a parent who said you were too smart or too stupid? Was it a sibling who said you were ugly? Did a teacher say you weren’t good enough? Did a neighbor say you were too poor? How old were you?


It’s okay. Let that feeling sit inside you for a bit. Allow any anger/sadness/numbness/etc to wash over you.

Awareness is an opening, an opportunity. Life chips away at our self view from a very young age. At least, it did for me. And. It’s all a story living in my head. But that story affects how my body and mind react to external stimuli. So what next? If awareness and allowing are step number one, then what is step number two? Where do I go from here?


So many beautiful practices exist for transmuting stuck energy and false beliefs. Sometimes, it’s about sending love to that space in the body carrying my grief. Other times, I unstick the history by writing it all out, shedding tears, and then burning those papers. Sometimes, I pluck that pain, or person, out of my memory and have a 1-on-1 conversation with it/him/her/them.


If you’ve not explored these practices, it’s okay. What would it feel like to release your attachment to painful stories? What would it look like for you to feel free and brave in your life? Have a guide walk you through this work. Give a life-changing gift to yourself. You can do it. You deserve to feel Awake, Free & Expansive.


Every moment is a blank loom on which YOU get to weave the tapestry of YOUR life.


Let’s lean on each other. Let’s weave an amazing life for you.


In Love.
All ways.


Awake. Free. Expansive.
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Meet Andrea Luzon

Andrea Luzon is a Legacy Liberator who helps Leaders and ADHD Moms bring harmony and success to their personal, family, and professional life by reconnecting with their Love Legacy.
Through her work, she helps her clients discover and embody their innate wisdom (aka Love Legacy), making a lasting impact through their presence, words, and deeds.
Andrea is the visionary behind the Love Legacy Parenting Method, Founder of Legacy Liberation Coaching, and President of Andrea Luzon International.