Where the Light Enters You

By Andrea Luzon

By Andrea Luzon

The great poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi wrote, “the wound is where the light enters you.”


It’s the falling down, and getting up again, that teaches children how to walk. The surfaces a child encounters while learning to walk and the response of his elders to falling down will factor in to determine how the child experiences himself and how he steps forward in his life. This is an analogy, but you hear this story in different ways every day. And each child is different. Each of us will interpret our struggles and stimuli differently.


A friend of mine has an ex-military father. Like my dad, he had high expectations of his children and gave critiques more often than praise. My friend does not struggle with unworthiness like I have in the past. She moves through life following her dreams and being gentle with others. I often experience life as if I’m being attacked. My ego prefers to take an offensive position to protect me.


In the past, for me, being disliked or disapproved of cuts like a knife. It brings me back to my childhood wound of experiencing love as conditional. As a child, the minutes spent with my caretakers each day usually contained a review of my behavior. My memory does not contain daily discussions of many topics outside of what I did right and what I did wrong. The importance of performing is what I understood love to be. The idea of “doing it right” became the cornerstone of my way of moving through the world as I grew up.


My awareness is growing. I am increasingly aware of my interpretations of the world. Do I wish to continue acting as if love is based on performance? Do I offer or deny love to myself based on my performance? Do I want to teach that to my children? Do I want to harbor in my body that feedback means, “I don’t think you are worthy of my love”?


These are healthy questions that I get to ponder. Sitting with a journal around these topics is an opportunity for growth. If you are looking to release a behavior or pattern stuck inside you, consider the Write and Burn exercise I shared previously.


Transformation is a journey. Transformation is also a choice; it is an opening of our eyes and a desire to shift towards growing into who we wish to become. I can see how my woundedness served me through my life. I can also see how it holds me back when I continue to act, and see the world, from that woundedness. When I sit with my wounds, I honor the pain I experienced. I also open myself to seeing how the pain helped me grow into the leader I choose to be today. We must crack ourselves open and peer inside to see what no longer serves us. We get to let in the light.


I am interested to know where you are letting in the light. What are your biggest growth areas? I’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections.


Please let me know if I can be of service to your evolution. If you would like to be held energetically through a supportive heart-opening Reconnective Healing session, I am here. Help your biofield vibrate higher. To schedule, click HERE.


Holding You in Love & Light,
Andrea Luzon


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Meet Andrea Luzon

Andrea Luzon is a Legacy Liberator who helps Leaders and ADHD Moms bring harmony and success to their personal, family, and professional life by reconnecting with their Love Legacy.
Through her work, she helps her clients discover and embody their innate wisdom (aka Love Legacy), making a lasting impact through their presence, words, and deeds.
Andrea is the visionary behind the Love Legacy Parenting Method, Founder of Legacy Liberation Coaching, and President of Andrea Luzon International.