With Quantum Healer & Sacred Freedom Coach

Andrea Luzon

Welcome to Day 8 of 10 Ways to Move Beyond Your Old Story; Uplevel to Your Greatness! Let’s leap into living a passionate, radiant life on your terms. The time to ignite and reawaken is now. Are you ready to launch forward?

Shift 8 < Set an Intention *I visualize my life.*


Instead of using only your five senses to move through your day, what if you first visualized yourself throughout your day and how you want to feel during each event? This is intention setting. Tap into your senses internally and experience your day prior to leaving your bed in the morning. How do you want to feel drinking your coffee or tea? How do you want to feel during your first meeting of the day? How do you want to feel at the completion of that meeting? Go into the silence and visualize the reality you desire.

If you are interested, this link will direct you to a downloadable worksheet to help you visualize your day. Give yourself time to complete this worksheet each morning for a week to see how it shifts your day into becoming an intentional experience. You can complete the daily exercise without the worksheet. Divide a piece of notebook paper into three columns. The title of the leftmost column is “Do”. Here, you will write the actions you have planned for the day. The middle column is entitled “Be”. How do you want to be, or behave, during the activity you wrote in the left column? Rigorous? Enthusiastic? Patient? Loving? Write that down in the middle column. In the farthest right column, write the title “Completion Feeling”. In this column, write down how you’ll feel when you know you’ve completed the task in the “way of being” you chose. What feeling or state of being will let you know that you completed the task in integrity? Fill out all three columns as you consider each aspect of your day.

I love visualizing myself achieving my goals and how I will feel as I move through the tasks that will get me there. I visualize myself during homeschooling exercises with my kids. I see myself as patient, kind and loving as we sit together completing schoolwork. At the end of the schoolwork, I envision myself feeling proud, complete and generous. When you start internalizing your senses and connecting to your inner self you can bring the soul line and goal line together. Set your intention, go into the silence and visualize the outcome you desire.

The takeaway from this step is, “I visualize my life.” Give yourself time to envision how you show up for each interaction in your day. As you strengthen your intention-setting muscles, you will experience your intended results at a greater pace than ever before in your life. Please let me know how this exercise performs for you. I can see the potential for transformation lighting you up. Tomorrow, we will stand in possibility by investing in your growth.