With Quantum Healer & Sacred Freedom Coach

Andrea Luzon

Welcome to Day 7 of 10 Ways to Move Beyond Your Old Story; Uplevel to Your Greatness! Let’s leap into living a passionate, radiant life on your terms. The time to ignite and reawaken is now. Are you ready to launch forward?

Shift 7 < Shake It Out *I shake, sing and dance!*


Tribes and cultures, when celebrated publicly today, often showcase their hereditary dance and music. These are the aspects of their homeland and their lives that connected them to themselves, to each other, and to the world as they experienced it in that moment. This is how they celebrated their lives! They moved the energetic story out of their bodies and into the world.

I dare you to dance and sing like no one is watching. Give yourself permission to deepen your connection with yourself and the world as you experience it. Turn on a song that lights you up. Sing to lift the roof. Sing so that your voice reaches the sky.

Turn on a song that awakens the passion within you until you feel it pulsing and throbbing. Turn on a song that allows you to release the sadness. Let your body flow. Let yourself truly experience your experience.

My friend recently started hosting online dance parties. It took me many weeks to finally attend one of these gatherings and I am so glad that I did. It is a joyful and intimate experience. I tapped into a fun, goofy, no-holds-barred side of myself that I had lost touch with for many years.

Now, I am always in attendance at her parties. Sometimes my kids join in and it bonds us together. The tension within our bodies is released through dancing, singing and being silly together. After the online party ends, we usually play another song or two just for us. We continue dancing. It reconnects us to ourselves and each other.

Reconnect to yourself and the flow of your body as you ‘Shake it Out’. I challenge you to dance, sing and shake like no one is watching. Light yourself up, have fun, release tension and reignite your spunky child-like nature. Let me know your feedback and how this action serves you in tapping into your freedom. Tomorrow, we will explore intention-setting.