With Quantum Healer & Sacred Freedom Coach

Andrea Luzon

Welcome to Day 6 of 10 Ways to Move Beyond Your Old Story; Uplevel to Your Greatness! The time to ignite and reawaken is now. The journey is yours, should you choose to take it. Are you ready to launch forward?

Shift 6 < Practice Praise *I prize myself.*


My family expresses our gratitudes at dinner each night. We say what we are grateful for about each person at the table. And then we state what we are grateful for about ourselves. Stating what I appreciate about myself is the hardest part of the exercise.

I love how my children and husband light up when they realize what they loved about themselves that day. I feel a shift in myself, as well. I can feel the moment of recognition as a physical change in my body. I can feel myself become lighter and more relaxed. When we are grateful for ourselves, we can give more fully to others. When we see the light in ourselves, we can share that light with the world.

I challenge you to write 25 things that you are grateful for about who you are. Write yourself a love letter where you share 25 gratitudes you have for yourself. Stretch yourself into this exercise! Focus on ways that you move through the world. How does the world experience you that is unique to your way of being? What are your gifts? Share those gifts with yourself. Post them on your bathroom mirror. Praise yourself.

For example, if you are grateful for the new account you landed at work, what traits of yours created that sale? Your sale is due to your tenacity, dedication, commitment, courage, friendliness, flexibility, adaptability, etcetera. WRITE THOSE DOWN! Savor the aspects you were born with, and the ones you’ve grown. What are the characteristics of you that make you shine? We love ourselves and others more profoundly when we shift into seeing the gifts in ourselves and everyone we meet.

The key to today’s step is, “I prize myself.” Stretch yourself into writing this love letter. Please let me know what opens within you through this exercise. I see your greatness. Tomorrow, we will practice shaking into our gorgeousness.