With Quantum Healer & Sacred Freedom Coach

Andrea Luzon

Welcome to Day 4 of 10 Ways to Move Beyond Your Old Story; Uplevel to Your Greatness! Let’s continue the journey to reconnect you to your unlimited potential.

Shift 4 < Reframe the Challenge *I see the gift.*


Hindsight often opens me to finding the silver-lining of the storm cloud I just experienced. After a job ended, another opportunity presented itself. When a partnership dissolved, it opened the door for me to grow before a better partnership arrived. What if we could see the learning opportunity DURING the triggering event? Try this, “How is this situation here to serve me?” or “How can I grow in my life if I embrace this situation?” There is a dot of sand from which to grow a pearl in every situation.

I have often thought that if I turn out anything like my mother, I will have achieved greatness in my life. My mom is generally an easy-going, creative, friendly, joy-inducing person. Her calm, role-with-the-punches attitude is something I strive to embody. Keep this personal goal in mind as you imagine me with my son today. He has just revealed his 600th pooping-in-his-underwear accident of his 6.5 years on the planet. Upon this discovery, I instantly ask myself when this behavior will end. I feel the heat in my body rise and the blood start to rush between my ears. I am going into my victim story; my inability to control the outcome brings up feelings of when I was harmed as a child. I feel unsafe. I am fully triggered. I can feel the visceral reaction to the triggering situation and I begin taking deep breaths. I hold space lovingly for my son while he experiences another day of soiled underwear.

I made a love-focused choice in the toughest moment today, but as I reflect on the situation I still feel like I lost. I know my son could sense that I was triggered by the event. I know that he felt judged and shamed as I went into my victim story. Can I open myself to looking for the opportunity and blessing in this challenging situation?

I am not saying to cover the poop in rose water and pretend it doesn’t smell. I am asking if you and I can see how this situation serves my growth: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. What do you see? Here is what I see. What better opportunity to test my ability to stay calm and role-with-the-punches than a kid who doesn’t notice his body signals regarding bowel movements? I can find the gift in this struggle. My son gives me the perfect opportunity to practice who I want to be in this life. I get to stretch into my best self. Maybe it doesn’t feel like a blessing at this moment, but KNOW and TRUST that good will come of this. Acknowledge the learning opportunity.

Here is a prompt, or action step, you can give yourself if you have a repeating challenge or struggle in your life. Please give yourself 15 minutes or more to explore this exercise called the “‘How Can I Shift’ Sheet”. Divide a sheet of paper into three columns with the situation/struggle written across the top of the page. The left-most column is entitled “-” and you will write and explore all the negatives you are experiencing in the situation here. Let it all out! The middle column is entitled “+” and here is where you get to search your heart for the blessings and opportunities that this situation is opening up for you in your life. Ask yourself, “How is this challenge opening a door for me? How is this serving my highest good?” The right-hand column is entitled “How can I shift?”. In this final column, please explore and write down ways that you can shift your energy, your interpretation, your wholeness before or during this situation in your life. Does a shift look like setting an intention before the next situation with your challenger? Does a shift look like taking action in a different way next time? Your heart and your highest good will guide you through this exercise.

On a different page, copy down the name of your struggle, as well as your answers to the question, “How can I shift?”. Once you have copied down the highlights of the exercise on a new sheet of paper, it may serve you to shred or burn the initial exercise page. Oftentimes, this helps the tense energy transmute to a higher vibration so that it may serve you as you move forward in your growth. Please let me know if you have any questions about this action step.

As you ‘Reframe the Challenges’ in your life, you will shift your way of being. When you feel a struggle becoming repetitive and you wish to see the light in the darkness, use this technique to shift your perspective and stand in your truth. The key to today’s step is, “I reframe the challenge. I see the gift.” I am holding the vision that this technique serves you. Please let me know how it lands as you uplevel to your greatness. Tomorrow, we will practice holding that child.