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It is an honor to empower moms of neurodivergent kids to harmonize their personal, family, and professional life, so that they are in full expression of their LOVE LEGACY.


  • I get a front row seat as family dynamics change for the BETTER.
  • I witness moms turn their pilot light from LOW to HIGH.
  • I watch relationships shift from IMPOSSIBLE to POSSIBLE.


As each woman HEALS her blockages, her community AMPLIFIES, and connection DEEPENS between the people she cares about.


Love GROWS across our planet as each life brightens through my work.


Would you support me as I make a stand for neurodiversity-affirming families?


Will you help me affect greater change across our planet?


Help me make an impact in the lives of moms struggling with their role as mother of a neurodivergent child.


Help me do the work to empower these moms to live their greatest life, heal the places that hurt, and become the safe space for their unique child to grow, blossom, and love themselves from the inside out.


Help me pour into these families, so that the next generation are loving, patient, playful, and contributing leaders who know how to fill their cup first, instead of looking out into the world for external validation.


If you are appreciating my work, please make your Love Offering today!


Help me stand for women and parents of neurodivergent kids by making a financial gift.


Help me Liberate Their Love Legacies 💚

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