Lost Without a Compass?

By Andrea Luzon

By Andrea Luzon

Sometimes, life feels shitty.


We’ve all been there.


It’s easy to get down in the dumps. You lose faith in yourself, earning money, finding love, becoming successful, etc.


How do you deal with those times?


Choice #1: Numb Yourself


Choice #2: Force Yourself to a Higher Vibration


Choice #3: Talk to the feelings inside you.


  1. Numbing is hiding from disappointment. It blocks your ability to process your emotions. You stop your progress by brushing your feelings “under the rug”. TV/drugs/alcohol/shopping…

2. Shifting immediately into a higher vibe is also masking your emotions. It is the Pollyanna Approach. Your feet are in the shit, but you visualize rainbows and fairy dust. It is another way of blocking your progress.


3. Feeling your feelings. Sit with “the root” of the emotion. This is how life transformation truly begins. Tune into the aspect of you that is hurting inside. Ask the pain to talk to you. Ask for honest input on how “it” is feeling.


There is a Divine Compass inside you calling you forward. The sound becomes clearer once you allow yourself to process all the unmet expectations you held throughout your life. Each experience created a belief about yourself (or the world) that needs to be healed.


It’s time to slow down. Do your inner work with a guide you trust. Process the uncomfortable stories from your past. You already know the person you want to work with. Reach out to that person. Take a risk and discover the beauty and power within you.


Awaken YOUR freedom within 🦋


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Meet Andrea Luzon

Andrea Luzon is a Legacy Liberator who helps Leaders and ADHD Moms bring harmony and success to their personal, family, and professional life by reconnecting with their Love Legacy.
Through her work, she helps her clients discover and embody their innate wisdom (aka Love Legacy), making a lasting impact through their presence, words, and deeds.
Andrea is the visionary behind the Love Legacy Parenting Method, Founder of Legacy Liberation Coaching, and President of Andrea Luzon International.