Bring in the Light

By Andrea Luzon

By Andrea Luzon

Today, I am sharing a guided visualization with you.


In this morning ritual, we experience stretching, breathwork, movement meditation, silent meditation and journaling.


As we ‘Bring in the light’, we receive energy, light and information from our Earth and Eternal connections. Then, during a 5-minute silent meditation, we focus on our breath and take the seat of The Watcher, instead of The Thinker.


Questions for you and your journal: Are you able to easily be the Watcher of your thoughts, instead of the Thinker of your thoughts? As you meditate, are you able to let each thought dissolve and pass by like a cloud or do you sink into the thinking?


Link to a video where I walk you through this process:


I’d love to share with you how I’m moving beyond my story of self-judgment and criticism. I am here to share these 10 micro-steps so that you can peel back the voice of criticism and launch forward into a life of compassion, optimism and leadership.


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Meet Andrea Luzon

Andrea Luzon is a Legacy Liberator who helps Leaders and ADHD Moms bring harmony and success to their personal, family, and professional life by reconnecting with their Love Legacy.
Through her work, she helps her clients discover and embody their innate wisdom (aka Love Legacy), making a lasting impact through their presence, words, and deeds.
Andrea is the visionary behind the Love Legacy Parenting Method, Founder of Legacy Liberation Coaching, and President of Andrea Luzon International.